What people say about me...

Some people I've worked with made the following comments:

"Anne-Marie has translated and transcribed film sequences for many of our documentary film productions. For us it's a great advantage that she speaks so many languages and that we've been able to work with her for numerous interview translations. We've been working with Anne-Marie since 2010. During this time she has translated for us from French, Portuguese and English to German and also transcribed in those languages. The cooperation has always been smooth and the quality of the translations excellent. We'll love to work with her again in the future!"

"Anne-Marie is a dedicated and hardworking person with an exceptional skill for languages. She worked with me as a German, French, Spanish and Portuguese translator and also a digital marketing manager across various territories, including Germany, France and Russia. I have absolute confidence in her abilities and would highly recommend her translation and marketing services to anyone looking to grow their business."

"It has been great working with Anne, she is a nice person and a very qualified translator who accurately translates journalistic texts while keeping a good reading flow in the target language. Her translations have been published in the German newspapers Die Welt and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung."

"Anne-Marie worked for me as a Portuguese interpreter during some interviews for my fieldwork in Mozambique. Afterwards, she helped with the transcription and translation of the interviews. Anne-Marie has a high level of professionalism, is reliable and very gifted not only in Portuguese but also in English, as well as her German mother tongue. Due to her excellent translation skills, friendliness and uncomplicated manner, I would love to work with Anne-Marie again at any time."

"Most probably, all descriptions of Anne-Marie Sterr's work ethics and professionalism from everyone who has worked with her will be repetitive adjectives... but for an obvious reason. I've had the pleasure of sharing management of our marketing department. From that experience I strongly affirm that the success of every single project relied heavily on Anne's dedication, creativity and surgical attention to detail, which are just a few of her natural skills. Ultimately whatever you expect, it will be delivered. And this is not an overstatement. It is my professional statement. Anne Sterr is up for any challenge." 

"Anne worked as a volunteer guest house manager at my guest house in Peru. It was a great collaboration and she outperformed the duties we expect from our volunteer and we were delighted that she came back the year after. She updated our website, brainstormed and implemented marketing activities in English and Spanish, and lead and translated conversations with Peruvian employees and workers. Furthermore, she took the initiative to start conversations in Spanish with a neighboring Peruvian retreat center that now has the potential to turn into a new collaboration and expansion of the business."


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