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"A man who does not know a foreign language is ignorant of his own." (Goethe)

I have always been good at foreign languages. After my A-Levels with the main subjects French and English I spent a year in Mexico and Brazil and then got a B.A. degree in "International Communication and Translation" in Hildesheim, Germany, with all four languages instead of the prescribed two. I spent a semester abroad in France and after graduating went backpacking in Brazil for six months. During my M.A. studies in "Religion and Culture" I spent a semester in South Africa.

As I liked Cape Town, I ended up staying for seven years. First, I worked as a project manager in a translation agency, where I gained valuable insight into the industry. As a translator and content writer in an e-commerce business I applied my langauge skills and attended courses in online marketing, SEO, as well as HTML and CSS. In the end I worked as a marketing manager leading an international team of translators. 

2017 I decided to leave Cape Town and embark on a journey. For one year I travelled through ten countries and lived on my savings as well as translation and content creation assignments. Now I travel less and work more.

My talent is language – apart from my mother tongue German I am fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. 

I work location-independently as a translator, interpretor, editor, creative writer, marketing consultant as well as intercultural trainer. 

Among my references are the renowned German newspapers Die Welt and FAZ as well as documentary film projects by Cocoa Film, Filmquadrat.dok and Spiegel TV.