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Translation | Interpreting

As a translator, I work with the following language combinations:

From English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese to German.

And from German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese to English.

Main areas: Marketing, economy, psychology, spirituality, religion and culture, health, wellness, nature, tourism, travel, iGaming.

I translate professional articles, newspaper articles, columns and blog posts, SEO articles and website content, short stories and entire novels, documentary film scripts (incl. transcription), advertisement, banners, newsletters and any other marketing material, presentations, papers and theses, correspondence, interviews, resumes and motivation letters as well as anything that fits into the category of general-language texts.

I’m not a sworn translator, which means, I don’t offer certified translations of legal documents and I don't interpret in court hearings.

As an interpreter, I work with the language combinations English-German, German-English, Spanish-German, Portuguese-German and French-German.

I’m a consecutive interpreter, which means, I don’t translate simultaneously but repeat what was said when the speaker pauses.

Prices for translation services

My prices are calculated by word of the source text and depend on the language combination, degree of difficulty, topic as well as text format and urgency of the assignment. Simply send me the entire text or a sample with indication of the total word count via email and I will give you a quote.

For interpreting services, I charge an hourly rate, which also depends on the language combination, the topic and degree of difficulty as well as context and occasion of the assignment.