Intercultural Training

Mutual understanding goes far beyond language. 

Communicate appropriately with people from different cultures!

Intercultural Communication

As an Intercultural Trainer, I help my clients understand different cultural conventions and improve their communication with people from different cultures. Not only in the business world, but also in private life communication is the alpha and omega.

Only 7% of all communication is verbal. The rest is tone of voice, body language which is often quite different in various cultures.

As you see, having a translator device on your phone will not get you far.

Let me assist you, I will get you further!

Through many years of work experience in South Africa, my work as Marketing Manager for various markets such as Russia, Poland, France and Romania, as well as leader of an international and intercultural team, I am aware of the challenges and opportunities of international cooperation and intercultural exchange.

In addition, I look back on stays of several months in France, Mozambique, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Peru, during which I deepened my understanding for cultures and broadened my horizons. 

Furthermore, I am highly empathic and intuitive and easily get people. 

To back this up, I have a B.A. in "International Communication and Translation" as well as a M.A. in "Religion and Culture". Check out my references and find out more about me.

Send me an email and we can arrange a free call to see how I can assist you!


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