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High quality texts in German and English

I create original blog posts and SEO articles as well as unique copy and landing pages in German and English.

Depending on my clients' requirements, I offer to write freehand or to keep to exact briefs and sample texts. My clients benefit from the many years of experience I have in online marketing, especially SEO and content marketing. I write high-quality texts and compelling content for both readers and Google.

Feel free to contact me for samples of SEO articles and other German texts I've written!

As an editor, I proofread texts, scientific papers and translations of all kinds. Depending on the requirements, the service includes a simple proofreading or comprehensive editing. I provide both services in German and English.

When proofreading, I carefully check the text for spelling, grammar, punctuation and typography, consistent spelling as well as hyphenation.

The editing process also includes a stylistic and linguistic review and revision of the text. I improve the comprehensibility and coherence of the text as well as the choice of words.

Prices for creative writing and editing

For creative writing, content creation as well as proofreading and editing assignments I calculate the prices per word. Crucial for ghostwriting services, the creation of SEO texts and blog posts are the amount of research as well as the content and formal requirements.

In the case of proofreading and editing projects, the technical background and the quality of the text play a role in the calculation of the price.

Simply send me an inquiry by e-mail and I'll give you a quote. 


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